Through digitalisation, technological progress and the internet our modern society has created a new layer of reality. It is a whole new world, constructed from 3D renderings and computer simulations. This space is the link in-between the allegedly ‘real’ and the utterly virtual – therefore I call it Inter Orbis. The topography of this space is characterised by hybrid objects, that shift between the virtual and the tangible world, such as computer rendered objects that materialise through 3D printing.
The Inter Orbis is a transitional space which is inhabited and formed by digital design and icons of the digital era. It is a speculative space which acts as a catalyst to redefine our relationship to reality.
My outcome is an observation from a graphic designer influenced and raised by the western pop culture. The publication ‘Topographia Inter Orbis’ attempts to demystify this speculative space with the methodology of an Middle Age topographia of the landscape and people of Ireland. The outcome is a sequence of speculative imagery and text mapping the topography of the in-between space.

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